Few amazing Snapchat Hidden Filters which you must know in 2017

snapchat hidden filters

Nowadays snapchat is most widely used among the smartphone users. Are you one of those Snapchat addicts like me? Then you must know few amazing Snapchat Hidden Filters to improve the performance of your Snapchat app. Every day our Playstore is flooded with many applications which make our life simpler and easier. But, there are only a few applications which we tend to put in our smartphone pockets for a long time. Snapchat is one of them. If you aren’t a snapchat user, you must try this app for sure. And if you are already an existing Snap chatter then follow me to unlock the Snapchat Hidden Filters and enjoy the app features to its core.

Why late? Let’s dig in deep and unlock the Snapchat hidden filters.

Crazy Snapchat Hidden filters you must make your hands dirty on:

  1. Upload videos and photos from your smartphone:

    Many applications in the app store or playstore have the facility to edit and upload the features from your phone gallery without using their camera. But, it isn’t the case with Snapchat. One must use the Snapchat camera to upload your photos to Snapchat stories. Just follow the below-mentioned trick to upload the videos and photos from the phone gallery on to your Snapchat profile.

    Go to settings-> When you scroll down, you can find Snapchat Icon-> The toggle should be enabled on “Camera” option.

  2. Without holding the capture button – Record the video:

    To record video without pressing the capture button, you must be an Ios user so; you need not flip back and forth between the rear and front camera. You can do that by:

    • Accessing settings
    • There you select the option called “General.”
    • Click on the “Accessibility” option
    • You can enable the Assistive Touch feature under the “Interaction” section.
    • Now you will see a small icon appearing on the right-hand side of the screen. Then tap on the “Create New Gesture”.
    • Now, you will be redirected to the New Gesture Page. Hold on the screen and wait till the blue bar at the bottom turns out.
    • Now, click on Stop, save and name the Gesture.
    • Now open snapchat and before recording a video tap the small icon.
    • Now select the option called “Custom”, and a Circle appears on the screen.
    • Now tap the capture button, and your Custom Gesture will be taken care of.
  3. Data Saving through Travel Mode:

    Snapchat consumes more Mobile data. To reduce the data usage, it has come up with an option called “Travel Mode”. When you enable the “Travel Mode” feature, you can reduce the mobile data by not loading the snaps automatically. To enable the travel mode, go to settings, there you can find additional settings, click on the Travel Mode, and it gets enabled.

  4. Funny selfies with Cool Lenses:

    You can make a lot of funny selfies with Snapchat. There a variety of lenses to enhance your videos and in snapchat. You can find a lot of lenses by pressing hold of the centre of front facing camera viewfinder.
    You can choose any of the lenses from the appearing ones. Make sure that your face syncs with the camera. Only then, lenses will work fine.

  5. The soundtrack for your Snap:

    You can give a soundtrack for your snap by opening a music app on your phone, Play your required song and then open Snapchat and record the song. This one requires a bit of timing to capture the required part of the song.

  6. 3 filters on same Snap:

    You can apply three filters (Broadcast your location, adding a sepia filter and current temperature) to your Snap instantly. You can do that by taking a picture of the app by using the above step.

    Now, swipe left on the screen, and you can apply the first filter. Once you have used the first filter, hold your thumb on the screen to apply the first filter and similarly apply the second filter by scrolling through other filters and lift your thumb off the screen before you tap and hold it down.
    Now, swipe left and applied the third filter. If you like the above-applied filters, upload the snap. If you don’t like the applied filters, swipe right and return to your original image.

  7. Two-step verification security:

    Similar to Google mail account, you can apply two-step authentication factor to your snapchat account. Once, you apply this security; you will not be able to login from new devices without entering the code you receive on your registered mobile number with snapchat.
    To enable the two-step authentication factor for your snapchat account, you need to select “login verification” in the app’s settings.

  8. Change Emoji to colorful filter:

    You can change an emoji to colorful filter in snapchat by choosing your favourite emoji with your favourite colour. After the selection is done, move it to the corner of your smartphone screen. Increase the size of this image and crop it at the corner. The semi-transparent and pixelated edges serve as a filter.

  9. Add new friends to your circle without their contact information:

    In any app the first problem we face immediately after registering is, adding friends. Especially in apps like snapchat, you cannot add friends without having their contact information.
    But, you can add new friends in the Snapchat app with a hidden feature called “Add Nearby”. This option helps you to add people in and around your area. This helps you to build good contacts with the people in and around you.

  10. Use special Text in your Snaps:

    You can fill your snaps with larger text and emoji. To enjoy this special feature of snapchat, try to click on the letter “T”, which is present on the top right corner next to the pencil icon. You can find in the Snap draft. The text can be magnified.

  11. Extra text to your snaps:Extra text to your snaps

    Now you can add extra text to your Snaps. You can select a range of blank text and copy it to your clipboard. You can place the text in your Snap in the provided text field.

    Hope you have enjoyed few of the snapchat hidden filters. Please do let us know, if you know anymore snapchat hidden filters and which is your favourite filter of snapchat?